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With willingly introducing ourselves that we are manufacturers and exporters of all kind of Leather Sporrans and Horsehair Sporrans, Belts & Buckles, Glengarry & Balmorals Caps, Kilt Pin, Plaid Brooches, Musical products, Bagpipes, Toy Bagpipe, Velvet Bag cover and Reed, Practice Chanter, Bombard Chanter, Silk Drone Cord, Wool Blend Kilts & Plaids, Utility Camo and Cargo Kilt, Prince Charlie Jacket & Coats, Piper and Drummer Doublets, Drum Major Maces, Gauntlets, Sash, Irish Bodhrans, Vellum Drum Heads made of Goat and Calf skin, Headless and Skin Tambourines, Lyre Harp, Embroidery Badges, and etc.
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