It gives us immense pleasure to introduce our Company AMTECH Instruments Corporation Sialkot-Pakistan established as a family run Partnership Company in the year 2010 derived craftsmanship, precision examination and processing the Beauty Care Tools Dental Instruments Implants Instruments Surgical Instruments- Scissors-Forceps in a lot of variety compatible to the Instruments, specification and graphs given in the world known Catalogues AESCULAP-V-MULLER and Lawton & derived our own catalogue to make readily available instruments to the service of mankind since inherited from the year,1982 from our ancestors undergoing very many steps and stages, passivated ultrasonically cleansed with chloroethy lene in as much as shape that these instruments may actively work in the hands of beauticians, Dentist physicians, Tailors and beauty saloon tables and beauty saloons made out of Stainles
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